Ultra Short Throw Series

Large screen projection from an ultra-short distance

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Ultra Short Throw
60″ @ 0.13m

Vertical & Horizontal
Keystone Correction

One Click Connection

Just clicking on the One Click Connection (“OCC” hereinafter) icon set up for each presentation room creates a wireless connection with the projector and initiates projection.

Time & effort spent on establishing cable connections, switching inputs and making wireless settings are significantly reduced.

Moderator Function

Manage the projection operations of PCs collectively by smartphone or tablet.

Presenters can select any connected PC from anywhere in the classroom and project the relevant content onto the screen immediately.

Practical way of enchancing presentation efficiency and increasing participation through activities such as presentation of assignments.

Maximum of 40 devices can be connected simultaneously including presenters’ devices.

*Applicable models: UT312WN, UT352WN

Large-screen Projection
From Ultra-short Distances

Short-focus lens achieves 60-inch screen-size projection from a distance of 13cm.

Prevents shadow casting onto the projected screen.

Avoids blinding the presenter’s eye for a more comfortable presentation experience.

Vertical & Horizontal
Keystone Correction

Corrects both vertically and horizontally misaligned images (+/-5%).

Give a perfectly squared fit on screens.

Overcome installation challenges with keystone correction.

Vertical Keystone Correction

Horizontal Keystone Correction


  1. USB 2.0 Type A x 1, DC 5V
    (Shared with USB host terminal)
  2. USB Terminal (Type-A)*
  3. LAN Terminal
  4. USB Terminal (Micro-B)
  5. HDMI Terminal 2*
  6. HDMI Terminal 1
  7. Monitor Output Terminal
  8. Computer Terminal 1
  9. Computer Terminal 2
  10. MIC Terminal
  11. Audio Output Terminal
  12. Audio Input Terminal (RCA)
  13. Audio Input Terminal 1
  14. Audio Input Terminal (RCA)
  15. Audio Input Terminal 2
  16. Control Terminal (RS-232C)