Superior Series

The next generation in mercury-free LED and laser hybrid light source with an Education Solution network.

Solutions Network

Light Source


1.7x Optical Zoom

One Click Connection

Just clicking on the One Click Connection (“OCC” hereinafter) icon set up for each presentation room creates a wireless connection with the projector and initiates projection.

Time & effort spent on establishing cable connections, switching inputs and making wireless settings are significantly reduced.

Moderator Function

Manage the projection operations of PCs collectively by smartphone or tablet.

Presenters can select any connected PC from anywhere in the classroom and project the relevant content onto the screen immediately.

Practical way of enchancing presentation efficiency and increasing participation through activities such as presentation of assignments.

Maximum of 40 devices can be connected simultaneously including presenters’ devices.

*Applicable models: S400WN, S400UN

PC & Projector

Presenter can switch among presentaion materials and turn pages while walking around the room.

When a document camera, DVD player or other device is connected to the projector, remote switching among input terminals can be conducted as appropriate.

Auto Projection Off

Pressing the stop button on the C-Connection network projection app when the presentation ends removes the projected image from the screen, while maintaining the network connection status.

There is no need to turn the power ON/OFF before and after every presentation, preparation and tidying up are trouble free.

One Click Connection is all it takes to start the next class immediately.

Light Source

Unique optical engine that combines a laser with an LED, with a high brightness of 4000 lumens for presentation efficiency.

High luminance by using light from a blue laser converted by the phosphor and the colour wheel to complement the red light conventionally projected by red LEDs.

New Dust-Resistant

Three-block dust-resistant structure shields main light source, ensuring excellent dustproof performance.

Air Flow

Light source block Power supply block

1.7 Times Optical Zoom

Easy projector installation by eliminating the need to change the positions of existing metal fittings.

*Operating range may vary with the projector.


  1. Computer Terminal 1
  2. Computer Terminal 2*
  3. Monitor Output Terminal*
  4. HDMI Terminal 1
  5. HDMI Terminal 2
  6. USB Terminal (Micro-B)
  7. USB Terminal (Type-A) 1
  8. USB Terminal (Type-A) 2*
  9. Audio Input Terminal 1
  10. Audio Input Terminal 2*
  11. Audio Output Terminal
  12. Audio Input Terminal (RCA)
  13. Video Input Terminal (RCA)
  14. Mic Terminal*
  15. Control Terminal (RS-232C)
  16. LAN Terminal*