4K Large Venue Series

High definition presentations for large audiences

4K Ultra HD


Lens Shift Function

What is 4K Ultra HD?

A pixel count approximately four times that of Full HD Displays large volume of information in greater detail. Ideal for presentations making the most of 4K-compatible PC specifications.

Full HD

4K Ultra HD

4K Ultra HD Advantages

The advance of the projection screen presentation into the 4K era will enhance the quality of visual communications remarkably across a broad range of fields.


Premium audiovisual quality with HDBaseT’s 5Play feature set, which delivers uncompressed ultra-high-definition digital video and audio, for increased reach and better performance.

Lens Shift Function
+ 1.5x Zoom

An optical correction function maintains clear resolution during adjustment of the projection position
(± 60% up or down, ± 25% left or right).


Main Functions

  • PC Connection:
    [Image]/[Image + Audio]
  • Video device connection:
    [Image + Audio]
  • External speaker connection
  • USB power supply
  • PC monitor connection:
  • PC remote control
  • Remote control
  • 12V Trigger