Go Lamp Free For Your Organisation And Mother Earth

By replacing mercury lamps with a longer-lasting, high-brightness hybrid laser and LED light source in lamp-free projectors, organisations not only contribute to a mercury-free environment, they also enjoy a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


How $avvy Are You?Do your own math !

With up to 50% in power savings, no bulbs or filters to replace and little to no maintenance after installation, just how much do Casio lamp free projectors save in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your organisation?

  • Our students now enjoy an uninterrupted and consistent experience with their lecture slideshows.

    Châu Mỹ Ý
    Administrative Staff, FPT University
  • Since we’ve started using Casio projectors, we have not encountered any technical issues, inconveniences or interruptions, which is great.

    Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng
    Staff, Ho Chi Minh City International University
  • During weekly town hall meetings across different time zones, we no longer need to wait for a very long time for the projectors to start up.

    Dawn Wong
    HR Manager, Rakuten Asia Pte Ltd
  • The pricing of Casio projectors is very competitive – we find that it has the best value for all its great features.

    Cang Le
    IT Project Manager, RMIT Vietnam
  • We’ve benefitted from the lamp-free feature of Casio projectors, since no lamp replacement is required in the long run.

    Fransisca B.
    Brand Marketing Manager, Tembusu Projects
  • The Lamp Free advantage of Casio projectors means no lamp replacement is required in the long run.

    Gerard Vaz
    Principal, Fernvale Gardens School
  • The Laser & LED Hybrid technology produces great image quality while eliminating maintenance time and costs.

    Bùi Quang Huân
    Senior IT Manager, PWC Ho Chinh Minh City